Learning & Networking Events

CHNA 17 sponsors learning and networking around our priority areas – mental health, and racial equity. We provide trainings, community forums, and learning communities as well as a newsletter with additional resources.

Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committee meetings are open to the public. The next one will be Dec. 4th, 2018. 
Email chna17info@gmail.com to participate.

Upcoming Trainings

Cultural Humility and Collective Liberation Training. Dec 14th 10 AM – 12 PM.
This training is the 2nd part of a 3-part series of trainings on cultural humility and related concepts that CHNA 17 is offering in collaboration with Simmons University’s MPH in Health Equity. This training will build upon the last, while reviewing core concepts, and will focus on the fourth tenet of cultural humility, examining methods for advancing institutional accountability. It will take place online, through the Simmons’ Adobe classroom, and you can register here. The training will be run by Shelley White, the program director of the Masters  Health Equity degree at Simmons University. She completed her Ph.D. in Sociology at Boston College, and her a Master of Public Health in International Health at Boston University, and started her career as a pediatric Occupational Therapist.  Shelley’s teaching and research focus on global and domestic health inequities; health policy; HIV/AIDS; globalization and trade; and human rights and social justice.  As a scholar-activist, she has been involved in a number of social justice movements and organizations, including the Boston Human Rights City initiative, People’s Health Movement, single payer movement, and the Campaign Against Racism through the Social Medicine Consortium.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. March 21st 10 AM – 12 PM.
This lively and highly interactive discussion facilitated by Duane de Four, a violence prevention educator with over 20 years of experience addressing gender violence and harassment, will explore the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and ways to address and/or prevent it. Participants will gain an awareness of sexual harassment and its intersections with racial and gender inequities. Additionally, participants will learn how to address harassment using simple, yet powerful bystander intervention tactics that can be used in any setting.

Past Trainings and Community Forums

Our convenings over the past year have included:

The information contained in this training is for general information purposes only. The training is sponsored by CHNA 17 and we strive to offer trainings that align with our mission and our health priority areas. Additionally, the CHNA 17 steering committee regularly conducts votes to decide on which trainings to offer. While we endeavor to ensure the quality, suitability and accuracy of the content provided in each training, participants join at their own risk and assume responsibility for their participation.

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