Funding Opportunities

CHNA 17 offers funding through grants, scholarships and periodically through learning communities.

Hate and Bias Prevention for Youth in After-School Programs

CHNA 17 is committed to addressing mental health within the context of racial equity.  The aim of this initiative is to build capacity for after-school programs to operationalize equity and address bullying, specifically hate and bias-related incidents. In doing so, we hope to create a roadmap for others to use in doing this work by building and documenting best practices in operationalizing racial equity for our region. Through this funding we supported three after-school programs in reviewing and changing systems and practices to address hate and bias-related incidents.  The Grantees are:

  • Cambridge Community Center
  • East End House
  • Belmont After School Enrichment Collaborative

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Mental Health and Racial Equity Grants 2019

With support of Mount Auburn Hospital, in January 2019 CHNA 17 awarded four $11,500 grants for organizations to collaborate to address needs from the CHNA 17 report on Mental Health and Racial Equity. The goal is to increase access to mental health services through advancing racial equity and building organizational capacity and leadership. The Grantees are:

  • Brandeis University
  • Arlington Public Schools
  • Kingdom Empowerment Center
  • ACCESS (Advancement of Culturally Competent Education to Stop Stigma)

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Scholarships to Structural Inequities – an on the ground view; Organizational self-assessment on racial equity; Stakeholder interviews on mental health and racial equity

Winners of Mental Health and Racial Equity Assessment Funding

  • Arlington – Arlington Housing Corporation
  • Belmont – Wayside Multi-Service Center
  • Cambridge – St. Paul’s AME Church and Cambridge Health Department
  • Somerville – Emmanuel Gospel Center and the Welcome Project
  • Watertown – Wayside Multi-Service Center
  • Waltham – Healthy Waltham & Wayside Multi-Service Center

Information about this funding: CHNA 17 has identified mental health and racial equity as our priority areas through 2020.  It hopes to foster community engagement around mental health and racial inequities in order to ultimately inform systems change, to build community leadership to address these issues, and lay the foundation for future efforts. To do this the CHNA will start with an assessment on mental health and racial equity for American-born Blacks.  CHNA 17 will subsequently release implementation funding based on the findings from the assessment.

  • to identify particular challenges that African Americans have in accessing mental health services, and how those can be overcome.
  • to identify opportunities to intervene, and success stories of improved access opportunities.
  • to ultimately affect systemic change to eliminate racial inequities in accessing mental health services.

For questions about this process please contact Stacy Carruth, Planning Director at

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